Antioxidants for Skin Health

Beautiful skin with a radiant glow has long been coveted since the days of Cleopatra.  Achieving beautiful skin is really about making it healthier, so it functions at a higher level from the inside out.  There is much we can do naturally to heal, correct and protect our skin especially with the use of time-tested antioxidants applied topically.

Why Antioxidants?  Our skin is constantly bombarded by the damaging effects of oxidation, the biggest of which is caused by the sun.  Other examples include stress, a poor diet, smoking and environmental pollution.  It starts when free radicals, unstable molecules that are missing an electron, rob nearby molecules and cause mutated cells that don’t function correctly.  In the skin, oxidative stress causes the underlying supportive collagen and elastin to become brittle and weak leading to wrinkles and an aged appearance.  Oxidation causes inflammation, disease and can also lead to cancer.

What are Antioxidants?  Antioxidants come in the form of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and carry an extra electron they freely give away to combat the damage of oxidative stress.  Internally, it is wise to eat a whole food diet including antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables daily for proper cell function.  For the skin, topical antioxidants in the form of vitamins A, C and E have been long been advocated by leading Dermatologists as “Cadillac” ingredients to include in daily regimen due to their ability to repair damage and protect the skin.  Each antioxidant affects cells slightly different and they work synergistically together.  Some examples include:

Vitamin A – Retinoids improve both aging and acne conditions by increasing new cell turnover to exfoliate the skin from the inside, out.  This powerhouse ingredient stimulates new collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkle formation, improves circulation and lightens brown spots.   V

Vitamin C – L-Ascorbic Acid is the most potent and stable form known to strengthen the skin.  Vitamin C plays a critical role in collagen formation, reduces inflammation, promotes healing, lightens hyperpigmentation and provides additional protection from harmful UV rays.

Vitamin E – D-Alpha Tocopheryl is an important oil-soluble antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, moisturizes and is very healing.

Mandelic Acid – Derived from almonds, this acid is known as a gentle exfoliant that is pH balanced.  It is both antiseptic and antibacterial, reduces inflammation and has healing and protective qualities.

Resveratrol – Derived from wine extracts, resveratrol has a firming effect on the skin, decreases inflammation, stimulates healthy regeneration and brightens.

CoQ10 – Acts as an antioxidant inside the cell membrane, regenerating, assisting in cell growth, contributes to the production of energy.

Are all antioxidants created equal?  Just as a can of peaches is not the same as a sun-ripened organic peach, there are major differences in skincare products.  To really get the benefits, it is necessary to use a product formulated to remain stable, be potent enough to work and with a delivery system to get deep enough into the skin to make a difference.

At my spa, Sea Glo Spa and Boutique located in Homer, Alaska, we strictly use and retail professional-only cosmeceutical products including naturally clinical, USP and charily correct formulations.  It is our goal to achieve the best value for our clients while delivering the most predictable and honest results.

Revive Depleted Summer Skin – By the end of summer our skin can look dull, feel a little rough and show some signs of sun damage.  Fall is a perfect time to turn to the rejuvenating antioxidant benefits from pumpkins and apples!  What a great time of year to replenish the skin with pumpkin enzymes that gently exfoliate for a radiant polish while infusing much needed nutrients into the skin.  We’re pairing pumpkin with apple wine extracts to tighten, firm and brighten the skin for noticeable results!

All of our skincare protocols at Sea Glo Spa are customized for each client based on skin type, health history and desired results for the best outcome.   A thorough skincare consultation is the first place we start with each new client. Please visit our website to browse our full time of products and services at  For an appointment, or to speak to a therapist, please call us at (907)235-4800.  We look forward to serving you!

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